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Post by Earnest on Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:21 pm

center]If you want to apply for the San Fierro Police Department, you need to make an application topic.

   Ingame Name :
   IRL Age AND Ingame Age:
   How long have you played on Kush Gaming:
   How long have you played as a KGRP cop:
   Are you a San Andreas Citizen?:
   Do you have a driver's license?:
   Have you been an SFPD member before? (cadet or above):
   If yes, explain your previous rank in SFPD, did you resign, rejected or fired?
   Had an previous application that go rejected? (add link to old application):
   Why do you want to join San Fierro Police Department (minimum of 3 sentence):[/center]

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