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Post by William_Maxy on Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:53 pm

In Character information

  Name :
  Sex/Gender :
  Contact Number :
  Address :
  Have you ever been arrested? :
  Are you willing to go to war-zones/police operations? :
  So you have any prior Law enforcement experience? (optional; for security) :
  Are you good with technology? (for TS division) :
  How is your public speaking? :
  Are you good with people? :
  Will you use the radio/TV responsibly? :
  Would you prefer to be a radio host, or a TV host when the time arrives?
Why do you wish to join the San News Team? :

  Life Biography :

((Out Of Character Information))

  Character Level:
  E-mail address:
  Hours Online During Week:
  Hours Online During Weekend:
:   Time Zone:
  Gang Experience:
  Have you Applied Before, for Any Other Faction:

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