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National Guard ll Recruitment Requirements Empty National Guard ll Recruitment Requirements

Post by Tekay on Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:23 am

National Guard ll Recruitment Requirements 1333453c84

Read Carefully Before Applying

To apply to the National Guard, you must:
Be a San Andreas Citizen for atleast 5 years ((level 5+))
Be 17 years of age, with parental consent, or older, except:
Have completed at least Grade 10 or Secondaire IV.
Speak and write in English of a high standard. (( IC and OOC ))
You must have no crimes in the past 2 weeks.
((Your forum name needs to be the same as the name you are using IG, but without underscore.))

When you join the National Guard, you are expected to sign up for a few years. The length of time depends on the need for your skills and the length of time you spend in training. The minimum is usually about 2 months: however, in some cases, you will be required to serve longer. If you choose not to follow these terms, you will be marked as a wanted suspect.

At the beginning of basic training, all new recruits are provided with the official dress-standards for military members. Here is an overview:
Non-offensive visible tattoos, except tattoos on the face, are allowed.
Aboriginal members may request to wear long hair or braids while on-duty, but only if there are no safety concerns.
Women members are required to keep their hair short or long enough to keep tied back while on duty so it does not obstruct vision or become a danger.
Women are allowed to wear earrings while on duty, but they must be small stud-style earrings. However, other visible body piercings are not allowed to be worn while in uniform.
Women may wear make-up while in uniform, but it must be applied conservatively.

Part 2

1. You can re-apply in two weeks time. If you apply before the 14 day period, you will be permanently denied from the Armed Services.
2. Nagging a recruiter or High Command will resort into your situation being worse. Same if you argue your case on your denied application.
3. Look at the reasons on why you were denied and reflect on them and make changes in whatever is wrong. Improvement is always a very good thing!

1. Look at other successful applications and see techniques they have used and learn from them.
2. Read the handbook and improve your knowledge of the Armed Services.
3. Most importantly, be patient and what out the fourteen day period. Only contact us after that.

Tekay Damon <3
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