Wu Dotarachi's Advisor Application

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Wu Dotarachi's Advisor Application Empty Wu Dotarachi's Advisor Application

Post by Wu_Dotarachi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:45 am


Real Name:Jooplor Samsoon
Time Zone:UTC+08:00
Expirience (if any):Yes , I've had experience on helping this area, and also in newbie , Im willing to help the newb, because That's what i want ,and You can belive me , in other words are i am good at all.
Why Do you want to be employed?:Because Im Always Helping the area , and newbies , and I can directly answer them if they ask a question on the newbie . And I feel happy that I help some players.
Why Should you be chosen above others?:Because I can prove that I have a skills on RP'ing and Helping players in newbies , and I can prove that I am always helping them on newbies , Every time i've saw someone asking on the newbie ,I will directly reply to him the answer.

IG Name:Wu_DOtarachi
IG Level:10

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Wu Dotarachi's Advisor Application Empty Re: Wu Dotarachi's Advisor Application

Post by William_Maxy on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:49 am

Dear Wu Dotarachi

I see your Good Job in helping to people,and i Liked your Apply,so i would like to Announce,you got accepted to Community Staff Team,Welcome And Good Luck
Call to me with /report to get your rank.

Kush Gaming Admins team.

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